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I’ve done something new New Zealand!

Well folks, it’s been a little while since I wrote anything. A lot has happened! I’ve managed to travel the whole South Island and get back to Raglan safely… not to mention that we’re now back in level 2 after new Covid-19 case. A few months ago I spoke about New Zealand’s new tourism campaign ‘do something new New Zealand.’ Well I went and I did something new! Check out my previous blog to see my New Zealand Bucket list.

But for now.. here’s my new adventures;

Skiing in Queenstown

Well I wasn’t wrong! For the first 30 minutes I spent the majority of the time on my backside… or sliding downhill backwards, or sliding in the completely wrong direction with no pizza or any other type of wedge successfully slowing me down. I was awful! Definitely the worst in the class by far! There’s only so many times you can say sorry to the instructor for having to pick you, a grown woman, up off the floor. His eye rolls became almost audible by the time we hit the 20 minute mark! BUT… and this ‘but’ is as surprising to me as it to anyone… BUT turns out- I’m a natural! After the initial finding my feet! Literally! I actually got really good, to the dismay of my Boyfriend, who was told that I was better than him after 3 days of skiing verses his accumulative 2 years of skiing. By the end of the third day I was almost parallel skiing and whizzing down the slopes. I’ve definitely caught the bug… you can’t stop me now! Swish Swish Swish!!! I coming for you next Winter Queenstown and Wanaka.

Go to Abel Tasman

WOW! What an amazing place this is! We stayed in this awesome little hostel/ camp site called The Barn Cabins and Camping in Marahau. Our double cabin looked out onto the bush and the ocean and provided us with endless day dreaming and star gazing material. The accommodation was right next to the end/beginning (depending on which end you start) of the Coastal Track which was perfect if you were doing the full hike or even if you just wanted a short stroll by the water. We didn’t have enough time to do the whole 3-5 day hike, so we used the Marahau water taxis to drop us off to do a section. We had the most beautiful morning for our ‘Absolute Abel Tasman’ adventure- we got the taxi all the way to the furthest point of the park and then half way back to Bark Bay and walked to Anchorage! It was the perfect 1 day hike, but with the benefits of seeing the whole national park. Well, we at least saw it on the way out… on the way back towards Bark Bay this horrendous sea fog swooped in! Kudos to the driver who kept us safe and got us to our destination with relative ease even though you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. But once the sun burnt through the fog we were blessed with stunning views and a great hike. One day soon we plan to go back and do the whole Coastal Track.

These are just my bucket list items from my last blog post. But keep tuned for the rest of my South Island Tales.

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