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Our Magical Ocean of Orca

There’s always a magical feeling in the air when the Orcas come to town!

A post is put on the local facebook page and suddenly there’s a mad rush to get to the water. With bated (or baited ;)) breath- pardon the pun- everyone waits to catch a glimpse of the wondrous Killer Whale. You see, Raglan has been blessed with the yummiest stingray around. So throughout the year the Orca chase them in on the tide for a tasty meal.  

The first time I ever got to see them I was pretty late to the Orca party.

It was getting dusky and they were all the way across the Harbour. Which meant it was a grainy, dark image and not so magical, but more a dark blob in the distance. And it seemed that my luck never improved! For two and a half years I saw the posts, rushed down to the water, to have missed them by five minutes. Or I would be at work and couldn’t leave, I would be in Hamilton, or to be honest I would be in bed on a lazy day off at 11am and miss them… 

But this Autumn I finally got to see them… and I mean SEE them!

It was one of those beautiful Autumn days. You know the ones; cool and fresh but not a cloud in the sky! Perfect! I got a message telling me they’d just been spotted swimming past Whale bay towards the Harbour. But of course typically I was about to start work. I waited for as long as I could by the water, but it seemed like it was not meant to be… again! So I resigned to the fact that I would miss out on another chance to see them.

But about an hour into work the atmosphere started buzzing and as more and more people realized the Orca where swimming past, everyone rushed out of the hostel shouting and I knew exactly the reason why! I was not going to miss them again! So out I ran with everyone, down to the water… and it was so worth it! They were so close to the shore and there were so many of them! All blowing water out their blow holes in a wondrous display of water fireworks. And in that moment watching them I felt at absolute peace knowing that I had finally seen them and that it was just as special as everyone had said. 

Like I said it really is a magical feeling when the Orca come to town and it unifies everyone in a moment of complete appreciation for where we live, plus the beauty and uniqueness of what we are witnessing. And who knows, it took me 2 years to see them, but you might be that luck one that visits and gets the gift of Orca! 

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