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The Watery Winter Wonderland of ….. Waglan?

Okay fine… Raglan! But you get the idea!?

After this immensely tough time the world has experienced and the massive effort of every human to social distance and isolate themselves from each other, what better way to celebrate our success than to take a day trip, a weekend away or a week off to get back out and enjoy the world.

Don’t write us off too soon!

I know that Raglan isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of a winter adventure. But the winter is an awesome time to come and learn how to surf; there’s heaps of perfect white water to give you that kick start you need to get up on your first wave or practice your technique- and hey, even if it is raining outside it doesn’t matter, you’re going to get wet anyway! Nothing a hot water bottle and a warm cup of coffee from a local cafe won’t fix.

Surfing not your scene?

Well then how about a spot of canyoning? That’s right… you heard me, canyoning! And winter is the best time to do it! With the increased rainfall comes a more adrenaline filled canyoning experience! Abseil down waterfalls, journey through our beautiful rivers and if you go at night, you get to see our hidden secret…. Glowworms!! It’s one of Raglan’s most popular winter activities; so don’t panic they’ve got you covered with top of the range canyoning winter wetsuits and jackets and even some native kawakawa tea to keep you roasty toasty.

Of course, when we are blessed with our beautiful clear and calm winters day, then this is the perfect time to make use of the hostel kayaks and go and explore the heart of Raglan- it’s beautiful Estuary and Harbour! Plus, on a calm day you can even adventure over to the Pancake rocks. No, it’s not actual pancakes, although that sounds amazing, it is a limestone rock formation just across our harbour.

If you’re just looking for a relaxing getaway then we’ve got you covered!

Join in with one of the many yoga classes Raglan has on offer and finally stretch your legs! Relax in our Sauna and Hot tub before heading out to one of the local restaurants for a yummy evening meal.

So see!? Raglan could be the perfect little getaway for you and the family this winter 🙂

So come and spend the winter in waglan. Okay fine… Raglan! 😉

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