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About the hostel

Amidst a busy world, Raglan Backpackers is an easy-going, special little place of peace and casual fun. Here is no place for fast living; chill in a hammock, join in on a yoga class or chill in the Sauna. Mind you, there’s plenty of action! Surf, skate and kayak your way through the day, then relax your way through the night!

Be yourself, have your own plan, or join likeminded travelers and have a good time.

The Raglan community

Raglan has a real sense of community…everyone comments on this! Its an amazing place, full of surfers, artists, farmers, fishing people and dreamers.

Our streets are full of boutique and individualist shops, with locals making bread, shoes, jewelery, art (7 art galleries!) sewing clothes, up-cycling, roasting coffee and so much more- even our surf shops are one of a kind!

Raglan is also famous for music. Google Raglan Club and Raglan Yot club for up-to-date gig guides. We make a fair bit of music at the hostel too…don’t worry if you haven’t packed your guitar we have 4 we’re happy for you to use.

We like to get involved -and involve you- in the Raglan community. There are small projects that can always use a bit of extra energy and love, like the community garden, beach clean ups, tree planting or helping at the food bank.

(Eco) friendly

Then there’s the eco-conscious aspect of the hostel. We’d like to leave as little a footprint on this planet as possible and there are a few ways in which we try to do our part: we have a 100% electric car that you can drive to the beach when you rent a surfboard, solar panels heat our water, we recycle as much as possible and we use only completely natural cleaning products.

We feel so lucky to live in this one of kind town. Come see for yourself why so many people check in, and never leave….